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Eponymous Epilogues

Posted by Brendan on April 30, 2013 News/Blog | | No comments

Part 1: The Foundation: The Click Will Break You

We live in a world of instant gratification. Our relationships, social lives, and compasses always at the cusp of combusting.  Burn it all down and start over. It’s easier to de-friend than to build, cultivate, and cherish. The arts have always been a sanctuary against the race. But slowly the agile tentacles have pilfered what once occupied a separate existence. Music, art, literature, and performance is slashed and shrunken into two-minute videos shared through social media with no heart, soul, or staying power. If nothing else, this album was made with extreme care.  We spent months putting each song under the microscope.  Each line was questioned, chord explained, arrangement tinkered with.  When we were happy with each song the real work began. Performance.  Our producer Will taught us a fundamental lesson of rock music – it all starts with the DRUMMER. Everything builds off the drummer. Only with a strong foundation can we build.  In order to do that the drummer needs to be solid, steady, consistent…the heartbeat. There is only one way to achieve this state- we were introduced to our constant companion of irritation…the click. The steady beat of a metronome: the machine, unrelenting and unbending, and to her we were slaves. We learned to listen, to each other, to the click, but mainly to the drums. Once the foundation was in place we started building.