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Album Review from Spare Change News

Posted by Todd on May 28, 2013 News/Blog | | No comments

Thanks to Spare Change News for the kind review !

AUTUMN HOLLOW – Autumn Hollow
The lads in Autumn Hollow are back at it in this self-titled release. The harmonies are tight and the hooks are crisp. This ten-song album, if anything, is too short. Each song is so catchy, that before I knew it the album was over. I listened to it on repeat for hours and never of sick of it. There are so many good tunes on here. “Kindness of Strangers” is like an outlaw country gem. “Caught in the Kitchen” combines Americana and funk in a real nice way, reminiscent of The Band. “Humble Man” is another standout; it reminds me of a fusion between Elvis Costello and Drive By Truckers. You guys are A-OK, Autumn Hollow.

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